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The Urology Care Foundation provides a full range of resources for women experiencing SUI. Learn more about SUI and use our tools to track your symptoms.

Get the facts

Managing SUI starts with knowing the facts. Read our Patient's Guide to SUI and Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Online Self-Assessment Tool

Urine leakage can be associated with several types of incontinence or other conditions. Take our Online Self-Assessment Tool to learn more.

Start a bladder diary

Track your liquids, leaks, and bathroom breaks with our Bladder Diary.

Read what the experts have to say

Read our SUI Monograph to find out what the health care experts say about SUI and how to manage it.

Learn tips for talking with your doctor

Find out how to start the conversation with our Talking To Your Doctor About SUI factsheet.

Find a urologist near you

Use our Find A Urologist tool find one in your area.

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