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AUA Foundation Launches Campaign to Address Stigma of Overactive Bladder

We’ve officially launched “It’s Time to Talk About OAB,” a nationwide education campaign designed to get people talking openly about Overactive Bladder (OAB) and reduce any stigma or shame people might feel about OAB symptoms. Read more about the new initiative...and start talking!

Overactive Bladder? Let's Talk About It: Managing Urge Incontinence (ThirdAge.com)

Did you know that OAB can be triggered by diet and anxiety? Learn more about the causes of OAB, what your symptoms mean and how to manage them effectively.

Seven Tips for Speaking with Your Doctor About Bladder Health (Vibrant Nation)

If you're worried about how to talk to your doctor about OAB, you're not alone. Luckily, these seven tips make it easy to have a successful appointment and find the treatment that's right for you.

Show Your Overactive Bladder Who's Boss! (SheKnows.com)

Without the right treatment, it's easy to feel like Overactive Bladder (OAB) is taking over your life. Bladder expert Kathleen Kobashi shares six simple steps to help you take charge of your OAB symptoms and take back control.

OAB Fact vs. Fiction (Vibrant Nation)

Cutting down on drinks means a calmer bladder, right? Not necessarily! Avoid dehydration and learn about other OAB myths and facts by checking out this article.

It's Time to Talk About OAB for Bladder Health Awareness Month (Alliance of Specialty Medicine)

In honor of Bladder Health Awareness Month this November, the Alliance of Specialty Medicine published this article on page five of their newsletter to get people talking about OAB!

Silent Suffering: When Your Bladder Takes Control

In this documentary from the Discovery Channel, Dr. Kathleen Kobashi, urologist and chair of our OAB Expert Panel, explains how people with OAB can regain a better sense of control in their lives.

Dr. Kathleen Kobashi Talks OAB on the Radio:

SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio

Listen to Dr. Kathleen Kobashi discuss OAB on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio. Dr. Kobashi helps listeners understand how to manage OAB symptoms, and discusses our new educational campaign “It’s Time to Talk About OAB.” Many thanks to SiriusXM for the clips and great interview!

National Radio Tour

Dr. Kathleen Kobashi answers listeners' questions about OAB on local radio stations throughout the country.

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